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Production of prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens




Environment sustainability

Bathsystem efforts are also focused to develop an eco-friendly regime throughout the manufacturing process. To offer the maximum respect to the environment, from the highly managed and effective disposing of the incoming packaging of materials thereby minimising site waste to the processing of the management procedures, control and monitoring of the production cycle to make transparent all the activities.

We will only deploy the best materials which must be guaranteed by suppliers to be of the highest quality and certified.


Bagni e cucine prefabbricate - Mission


Social Company responsibility

Bathsystem has always paid attention not only to the local economic impacts but also to its social, environmental and cultural responsibilities. The Company has a series of new proposals in the building of eco-friendly prefabricated solutions addressed to residential or industrial building of high quality which will enhance the local economies in their production. Bathsystem is in a position to guarantee the deployment of the best technological and industrial process competences.


Energy saving

Energy saving today is a duty, not only to reduce the environmental pollution but also to restrict the high costs deriving from it. The pollution problems, the exhaustion of the natural resources and also the relevant regulations are changing the approach to building process. In this way, Bathsystem is working hard to develop solutions for the employment of maximum environmentally-friendly methods of production.