Prefabricated kitchen and bathroom pods - Bathsystem

Production and manufacturing of prefabricated bathroom and kitchen units





  • Project: Hotel Hampton by Hilton Luton UK
    Quantity: n. 188 units
  • Project: Hotel La Tour Birmingham UK
    Quantity: n. 174 units
  • Project: Hotel East midland Airport UK
    Quantity: n. 209 units
  • Project: Hotel Park Inn Lund S
    Quantity: n. 186 units
  • Project: Hotel Rica Bergen N
    Quantity: n. 360 units
  • Project: Hotel Hilton Wembley UK
    Quantity: n. 361 units
  • Project: Hotel Triple Tower Göteborg S
    Quantity: n. 464 units






  • Project: Biersfelden Clinic Basel CH
    Quantity: n. 165 units
  • Project: Highfield Hospital Dublin IRL
    Quantity: n. 163 units
  • Project: Hospital Ambroise Paré Marseille F
    Quantity: n. 461 units
  • Project: Ryhope Hospital Sunderland UK
    Quantity: n. 160 units
  • Project: St. Vincent Hospital Dublin IRL
    Quantity: n. 197 units
  • Project: Careggi New Hospital Florence I
    Quantity: n. 82 units


Case per Studenti



  • Project: Student Accommodation Sogn Oslo N
    Quantity: n. 220 units
  • Project: San Sebastian E
    Quantity: n. 124 units
  • Project: Deggendorf Student Home D
    Quantity: n. 125 units
  • Project: Imperial College London UK
    Quantity: n. 610 units
  • Project: Blackburn Road London UK
    Quantity: n. 325 units
  • Project: Penthagon II Oslo N
    Quantity: n. 270 units
  • Project: Surrey University UK
    Quantity: n. 212 units





  • Project: Dublin City Council Apartment IRL
    Quantity: n. 150 units
  • Project: HSB Apartment Stockholm S
    Quantity: n. 170 units
  • Project: Riverlight Towers London UK
    Quantity: n. 300 units
  • Project: Halvarsgate Apartment Oslo N
    Quantity: n. 115 units
  • Project: Sjobacken Apartment Göteborg S
    Quantity: n. 130 units
  • Project: Badenestrasse Apartment Basel CH
    Quantity: n. 146 units