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Production of prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens


All Italian technology

All Italian technology Bathsystem applies strict controls throughout all the manufacturing process, from the initial design to post-installation assistance we strive to achieve constant excellence on all the production cycle. The assembly and finishing phases are carried out, by skilled craftsmen, assuring accurate care and attention to all details. This is again one of the quality guarantees from within our modern process where we employ the very best technologies available.


Cellule prefabbricate Bathsystem


Cellule prefabbricate Bathsystem


Delivered Efficiency

The guarantee to receive the product in the agreed time, gives a consequential and beneficial certainty to the Construction programme. Moreover the acceleration of the build time allows the opportunity to handover the finished building at the earliest opportunity, so the financial risks are reduced both for the builder and for the Client. Bathsystem pods are supplied totally complete ready to be connected to electrical and plumbing installation. This enables the Client to reduce the number of fit-out trades on site and minimizes Health and Safety Risks associated with multi trade operations.


The Designer's dialogue

Working in synergy with our Client's design teams enables Bathsystem to have a double role as both producer and product designer. The constant dialogue with the designers makes a progressive drive for high quality practical solutions at the same time achieving high aesthetic values.