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Bathroom pods


Bathsystem manufacture prefabricated bathroom pods which are built and completed totally in factory conditions. The shells (commonly called the envelope of the bathroom) were originally only available in concrete, however in recent years the production of steel profiles shells, with interior panels of a material similar to plasterboard but with high performance, has been successfully added to the range. The pods in the patented Lightweight Concrete or Steel Frame provide good fire and acoustic rating possibilities, and are completed with all accessories as per client specification.


All pods are built in accordance with the current regulations in the countries of destination to ensure that every detail is compliant, especially plumbing and electrical systems.


Bagni prefabbricati - cellule bagno e doccia - Bathsystem Bagni prefabbricati - cellule bagno e doccia - Bathsystem


On request it is possible to make a sample bathroom which can be inspected at our office or delivered to site to for the use in full sample rooms or mock-ups.


The transport is, in almost all cases, arranged directly by Bathsystem with leading International Transport Companies. In agreement with the client and the managers of the site, Bathsystem plan 'just in time' deliveries in accordance with the contract programme provided thus minimizing both delays and reducing stock of prefabricated bathrooms on site.


The finishing stage of the prefabricated shell begins with installation of plumbing and electrical systems . We then move on to tiling, sanitary and bathroom accessories followed by final testing, cleaning and quality control, so that the prefabricated bathroom is ready for delivery and connection to site services. The position of mechanical services and electrical boxes are agreed and defined on the drawings, making the connection operations easier and faster, therefore more reliable and economical. The prefabricated Bathsystem units provide good solutions to a variety of accommodation types, ranging from practical student campus to luxury residential, Bathsystem also provide bathrooms for hospitals and shopping centers. Bathsystem is able to address every need, creating maximum modularity and modern off-site solutions. Bathsystem can also provide specific clinical finishes with level access floors and walls in vinyl resin fully equipped with seats and handrails for disabled accessibility.


Bathsystem produce pods for all type of hotel. We are able to offer a full range of Hotel pods from 2* to 5*, manufacturing to the Client's own specification or product from our own range of supply chain, enabling us to meet all our client's aspirations. Bathsystem partner with to the most popular and reliable brands in the bathroom business, whilst encompassing Italian design and manufacturing.


Our clients appreciate that the quality of Bathsystem prefabricated pods are an excellent alternative to standard insitu construction, both for functionality and aesthetic value. Bathsystem prefabricated bathrooms are more quality consistent than those built with traditional construction methods. The factory production makes it possible to raise the level of quality and product reliability, thanks to continuous production control and robust final testing procedures.