The Bathsystem Advantage

Modular prefabricated bathroom pods & kitchen units

Bathsystem has implemented stringent quality control procedures throughout the entire production process. Only skilled artisan professionals and only certified electricians and plumbers are employed guarantying the highest level of quality. From the initial design phase to the post-sales and customer assistance, Bathsystem strives to achieve a constant level of excellence offering the following advantages:


  • Complete design flexibility
  • Customized solutions made to contract
  • Shell solutions available in lightweight concrete and steel frame
  • Innovative 12mm Slim floor solution
  • Installation system Engineered to contract
  • Quality certification ISO 9001 from 2008
  • SINTEF quality test certification for lightweight concrete pod since 2009
  • SINTEF quality test certification for Superlight steel frame pod since2016
  • Developed in compliance with the project criteria
  • Consistent level of quality
  • Reduces onsite lead times
  • Minimizes onsite labour
  • Optimization of the buildings most complex room
  • Reduces onsite construction manual and operational cost
  • Defects and snagging virtually eliminated
  • Reduced maintenance cost over time
  • One supplier for all products under one warranty umbrella
  • Bathroom refurbishable overtime

Skilled Labour

Bathsystem production workers are selected based on skill level and experience, assuring the highest degree of quality.

  • Certified Electricians Only
  • Certified Plumbers Only
  • Only skilled and expertise artisan labor

LOGISTIC Efficiency

Bathsystem plans “Just in Time” deliveries, considerably reducing the project build time with substantial savings to both the general contractor and end client. Bathsystem pods come complete “Turnkey” ready to connect to the buildings main installations (electric, plumbing and HVAC), reducing the number of onsite workers, minimizing health and safety risk while eliminating superfluous waste and accumulated debris.


Working with
The Client

Bathsystem works closely with the client, collaborating with the design team and technical staff in finding optimal solutions that work for both.

Quality Certification

Bathsystem continues to invest considerable resources to quality. The UNI-ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System assures stringent quality control protocols in all phases of the company’s operation. From design development, production to the aftermarket support program the objective is always the same:

  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Attain the highest quality product possible
  • Provide a fast and effective customer support program


FSC Certification
IQNet Certification
SINTEF Certification
Sintef Certification
SQS Certification